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Cooman Events Management Services (CEMS NG) is most reputable exhibition and conference management in Nigeria. CEMS NG was conceptualized in the year 2009 and it was fully registered as a business entity under Cooperate Affairs Commission in the year 2012. Since its inception, CEMS NG has proposed and worked with Local and International Event Management Firms, Private/Public group and corporate bodies to initiate productive changes in economy and human development through event management.

Our team is made up of leading event management specialists with a rich and eclectic mix of experience, creativity, energy and attention to detail.

We have collaborated on projects with various international and local event managements, corporate bodies, NGOs among many others and we are proud of our work. We have pleasure in building on the relationships that each project establishes.

We apply our comprehensive experience and hunger for excellence across every project that we undertake. Our strong and talented team are creative minds, the logistical management and the skilled delivery responsible for some of the most innovative and successful events in Nigeria. Our clients span across the public, private, corporate bodies.

CEMS NG offers you the business potential both in terms of quality and quantity. It is one place where you can make direct solution for exhibition & conference in Nigeria.

Yekeen Muhammed Kazeem

Project Leads, CEMS NG

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